The City of Aspen has a number of departments responsible for processing and issuing permits. Please see below for guides and direction.

What type of permit do I need?

Salesforce serves as the City of Aspen's primary Permit Portal that allows you to apply for and track your permit applications, licenses, certifications, and make payments. The table below shows the type of permits accessible in our system. For permits not hosted in Salesforce, please use their links in the chart below to access the appropriate system. 

Permits in SalesforcePermits NOT in Salesforce


Park & Field Reservations

Residential Parking Permit
Roofing/Re-roofingWater Efficient Landscaping Standards (WELS) Reviews

Photo & Film
Security Alarm System

Short Term Rentals

What is the permitting process?

Please use the links in the chart above to begin the permitting process for your permit type. Prior to starting the process of applying for a permit please make sure of the following: 

  1. You must be a registered user in our Permit Portal - Salesforce. 
    • Note this process can take up to two business days to enable your account.
  2. If you're a contractor, you must have an active Business License and Contractor License with the City of Aspen. 

For any issues with the permit portal, please visit Permit Portal Support - button above.

  1. Permits in Salesforce - Process Overview

Determine if a Permit is Required:

Permit Portal Registration:

  • Please make sure you are registered in our Permit Portal using the buttons above. You will receive a confirmation email once you are registered asking you to set your password, typically within 1-2 business days. 
    • Note: The link will expire in 72 hours. If you miss the window or require additional assistance please see Permit Portal Support, linked in the buttons above. 

Gather Your Resources:

Submittal (Application Completeness Review):

  • Submit your permit application in the Permit Portal (see buttons above). Your application will be reviewed for completeness and you may be asked for additional items or clarifications. 
  • Once the application is deemed complete, the applicant may receive an email requesting submittal fees due *, or the permit will go into review if no fees are to be paid at this time. 
    • * Some permits do not typically require submittal fees: 
      • IFFR, repairs, change orders, temporary structures 

 Permit Review:

  • Once the permit application is complete and submittal fees are paid if applicable, the permit will advance to Permit Review status. 
  • The relevant review agencies will assess the permit for compliance with all applicable codes. Individual agencies will either approve the application or issue comments that must be addressed for the next round of review. 
    • If rereview is required: 
      • Review agencies will independently send their comments to the applicant.  
      • Applicant must prepare one response to comments package that addresses the comments of all review agencies in the review round.  
      • Applicants must upload their responses to their applications in the Permit Portal and notify when all documents are ready for the next round. 
  • Once all relevant agencies approve the permit, building and landscaping permits may move to Final Review status. The Building Manager will take a final look at the permit approvals and either mark as complete or follow up. This typically wraps within a week. 

Ready to Issue: 

  • Once all relevant parties approve, the permit will be ready to issue. The applicant may receive an email requesting payment of issuance fees *, if applicable. 
    • * Some permits do not typically require issuance fees: 
      • Right-of-way, certain encroachments 
  • Applicant must pay issuance fees within 180 days from the “Ready for Issue” status date or the permit will become expired. 


  • Once fully approved and paid if applicable, the Applicant/Contractor will receive an emailed link containing issuance documents. 
  • Once issued, building projects must be inspected within 180 days or the permit is considered expired. If an extension is needed, please write to the Chief Building Official.



  • Building permits will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy once final inspections have been completed and the Chief Building Official signs off.  
  • Right-of-way permits must withstand acceptable conditions for the next two years. Final Inspections will be performed two years after the probationary acceptance date. If inspections are passed, the maintenance bond will be released and the permit will be closed. An email notification will be sent to the applicant. 
  • Many permits will simply close once final inspections have been completed. Please reach out to your coordinator or use the contacts above in the Gather Your Resources section for any questions. 

Why should I get a permit? Learn from our videos below!