Permanent Revocable Encroachment License

 Version Options Permanent Revocable Encroachment License HeadlineA Permanent Revocable Encroachment Permit is required for any private infrastructure placed within the City of Aspen right of way. Types of infrastructure usually include:

  • Snowmelt in sidewalks and driveways
  • Extensive Landscaping Including Hardscape
  • Elaborate mailboxes that go beyond the standard box
  • Retaining walls

All proposed infrastructure in the ROW must have prior approval shown within a building permit. Historical infrastructure can receive an encroachment permit after review by the City Engineering Dept. 

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  1. Application Requirements
  2. Permit Fees
  3. Permit Procedures
  4. Permit Approval Process


  1. Permanent Encroachment Exhibit A – stamped by Professional Land Surveyor
  2. Certificate of Liability Insurance