Salesforce Permitting System

Salesforce Software handles all City of Aspen permit applications, contractor licensing, certifications and land use cases. Please use the information below to learn how to manage your permits, and process online payments.

  1. Registration and Access
  2. FAQs/Solutions
  3. Manage Your Applications
  4. Resources

Create Your Own Account

Prior to submitting a permit application through our online portal you must submit a registration form. Please be aware that within 1-2 business days of your completing this form, staff will set you up as a user in the system. 

  • Submit your registration request or use the button called Register above. 
    • Please DO NOT submit this form to: 
      • Reset your account password.
      • Attempt to login to your account.

 Access Your Account

Once your account has been enabled, at that time, you'll receive an email from the system asking you to create a password.  After doing so, you will be able to log into your portal account to apply for and track your permits, contractor licenses, and certifications.  You'll also be able to request inspections and make payments online.