Right of Way Permit

A Right Of Way (ROW) Permit is required when a project involves excavation or any type of alteration in the public right of way. ROW Permits cover items such as:

  • Installation of utility lines
  • Repairs or construction of sidewalks and driveways
  • Extensive Landscaping including hardscape in the right of way
  • Earth retention systems that extend into the right of way

Every excavation job requires a check for utility locations before work can begin. 811 is the “Call Before You Dig” number for all utilities.

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  1. Site Plan 
  2. Traffic Control Plan (stamped by a Traffic Control Supervisor) 
  3. Maintenance Bond
    The required bond amount must equal the value of the work being done or a minimum of $2,500 (whichever is greater).


  • Application fee: $401.70
  • Parks Department Review fee: $74 (minor project)
    • An additional $73 Parks Major review fee will be required for work with a valuation exceeding $50,000.00
  • Earth Retention Impact Fee (if applicable):  $1.40 per cubic foot


Create a login and submit your application with the required documents. Please see the status descriptions below for your reference in terms of the application approval process.  

  • Application Completeness Review:Application will be received and check for completeness. 
    • If the application is missing submissions or is fields are not filled out correctly it will be placed on “Completeness Review Failed” Status. There will be an explanation of why the application was rejected. Once the applicant makes the needed corrections the status will change.
  • Complete Pending Submittal Fees: Application is complete and the application fees are now available for payment. Applicant will receive an email with a link to the available fees. Permit will not be reviewed until application fees are paid.
  • Permit Review:Proposed work will now be reviewed by all referral agencies. Depending on the project, multiple departments may be required to review the permit.
    • If approved: Permit will move forward to “Ready to Issue”
    • If denied: A second round of review(s) will be created where the applicant will have a chance to respond to the comments of the reviewers.
  • Ready to Issue: Any additional fees will be due at this time. An email link will be sent to the applicant. Permit will not be issued and work cannot start until all fees have been paid.
  • Issued: Work is approved to start, applicant will receive an email notification accompanied with the official Letter of Issuance and any supporting materials. This document must be present at the job site at all times.
  • Probationary Acceptance: All work must withstand acceptable conditions for the next two years. The time starts on this day and the applicant will receive an email notification.
  • Closed/Final: Final inspection will be performed 2 years from the probationary acceptance date. If inspection is passed, the Maintenance Bond will be released, and the permit will be closed. An email notification will be sent to the applicant.