Temporary Encroachment Permit

You must apply for a Temporary Encroachment Permit when you plan to occupy, place, or maintain merchandise, equipment, or materials within the public ROW. Temporary Encroachment Permits usually involve the following activities being performed within the right of way:

  • Park or stage and operate construction equipment (e.g. crane, bulldozer, skid steer, etc.)
  • Temporary storage of materials (e.g. merchandise, commodities, construction materials, etc.)
  • Temporary placement of a field office, dumpster, loose material container, or construction fencing
  • Temporary construction of guardrail, pedestrian walkways, scaffolds, protective canopies, etc.

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When applying in Salesforce you must submit the following supporting documents:

  1. Affidavit of Insurance (Please use this approved template)
  2. Traffic Control Plan 
    Traffic control is not implemented by the COA nor will it supply signage and equipment. Applicant is responsible for hiring the services of a Traffic Control Supervisor who will create and execute the plan. 
  3. Site Plan (Depicting encroachment location and Sq.Ft.)


Application Review Fees

The fee estimates for the Temporary Encroachment Permit process are dependent on the location of your project.

  • Application Fee 4 hours or less: $100.00
  • Application Fee 4+ hours: $401.70
  • Application Parks Department Review Fee: $74

Land Lease Fees

Land lease fees are triggered if the temporary encroachment will last longer than one full day

  • Land Lease Fees (in Core): $9/sq ft/month 
  • Land Lease Fees (Outside core): $7/sq ft/month
    ($ x SF x 12 month / 365 days x # of days = Cost of Lease) 

*Fees increase by 20% for first exception granted, 30% increase for second exception granted, 40% increase for every exception granted thereafter.

Construction Parking Fees

Visit the Parking Department’s Construction & Services page for information on parking fees if your encroachment impacts any parking spaces.


Create a login and submit your application with the required documents. Please see the status descriptions below for your reference in terms of the application approval process.  

  • Application Completeness ReviewApplication will be received and check for completeness.
    • If the application is missing submissions or is fields are not filled out correctly it will be placed on “Completeness Review Failed” Status. There will be an explanation of why the application was rejected. Once the applicant makes the needed corrections the status will change.
  • Complete Pending Submittal Fees: Application is complete and the application fees are now available for payment. Applicant will receive an email with a link to the available fees. Permit will not be reviewed until application fees are paid.
  • Permit Review:Proposed work will now be reviewed by all referral agencies. Depending on the project, multiple departments may be required to review the permit.
    • If approved: Permit will move forward to “Ready to Issue”
    • If denied: A second round of review(s) will be created where the applicant will have a chance to respond to the comments of the reviewer.
  • Ready to IssueLand Lease fees (if applicable) will be due at this time. An email link will be sent to the applicant. Permit will not be issued and work cannot start until all fees have been paid.
  • Issued: Work is approved to start, applicant will receive an email notification accompanied with the official Letter of Issuance and any supporting materials. This document must be present at the job site at all times.