Temporary Encroachment Permit

You must apply for a Temporary Encroachment Permit when you plan to occupy, place, or maintain merchandise, equipment, or materials within the public ROW. Temporary Encroachment Permits usually involve the following activities being performed within the right of way:

  • Park or stage and operate construction equipment (e.g. crane, bulldozer, skid steer, etc.)
  • Temporary storage of materials (e.g. merchandise, commodities, construction materials, etc.)
  • Temporary placement of a field office, dumpster, loose material container, or construction fencing
  • Temporary construction of guardrail, pedestrian walkways, scaffolds, protective canopies, etc.

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  1. Permit Requirements
  2. Permit Fees
  3. Permit Approval Process


When applying in Salesforce you must submit the following supporting documents:

  • Traffic Control Plan 
    Traffic control is not implemented by the COA nor will it supply signage and equipment. Applicant is responsible for hiring the services of a Traffic Control Supervisor who will create and execute the plan. 
  • Site Plan (Depicting encroachment location and Sq.Ft.)
  • Affidavit of Insurance 

Please complete this Affidavit of Insurance form, sign and upload to your application on Salesforce:

Affidavit of Insurance Form