On this page, you will find a variety of planning documents that inform the work of the Transportation Department.

Short-Range Transit/TDM Plan (PDF) 

This plan provides a plan for the City’s transit services and mobility options over the next 5-10 years. The plan was completed and adopted in February 2018.

Upper Valley Mobility Study -Final Report (PDF)

Regional Travel Patterns Study (PDF)

This study, completed in 2014, provides information on travel trends between Parachute and Aspen.

2012 Aspen Area Community Plan (PDF)

The 2012 Aspen Area Community Plan, a product of extensive community conversation about Aspen's past, present, and future, established desired policy outcomes in shaping the City's social, natural, and built environments.  Key transportation policies established via this community planning process include:

  • Use Transportation Demand Management Tools to accommodate additional person trips in the Aspen area.
  • Limit Average Annual Daily Trips (AADT) to 1993 levels at the Castle Creek Bridge, and strive to reduce peak-hour vehicle trips below 1993 levels.