The Preferred Alternative

The Preferred Alternative extends Main Street over a new Castle Creek Bridge and under a land bridge that meets the existing Highway 82 near the roundabout.

A rendering of the Preferred Alternative as is meanders through Marolt-Thomas Open Space.

Details include: 

  • Two general-use lanes and two exclusive bus lanes that can accommodate light rail or trackless trams in the future.
  • A bridge over Castle Creek along the new alignment. 
  • Increased transit capacity while decreasing transit time with continuous bus lanes from the roundabout to downtown.
  • The highway across the 82-acre Marolt-Thomas properties covers 5.4 acres, and 2.5 acres are gained from the land bridge and decommissioned Highway 82 between the roundabout and Cemetery Lane. 
  • The existing Castle Creek Bridge remains in use as a local connection to the Cemetery Lane neighborhood and McLain Flats.