The Preferred Alternative

The Preferred Alternative (PDF) extends Main Street over a new Castle Creek Bridge and under a land bridge that meets the existing Highway 82 near the roundabout.

A rendering of the Preferred Alternative as is meanders through Marolt-Thomas Open Space.

Details include: 

  • Two general-use lanes and two exclusive bus lanes that can accommodate light rail or trackless trams in the future.
  • A bridge over Castle Creek along the new alignment. 
  • Increased transit capacity while decreasing transit time with continuous bus lanes from the roundabout to downtown.
  • The highway across the 82-acre Marolt-Thomas properties covers 5.4 acres, and 2.5 acres are gained from the land bridge and decommissioned Highway 82 between the roundabout and Cemetery Lane. 
  • The existing Castle Creek Bridge remains in use as a local connection to the Cemetery Lane neighborhood and McLain Flats.
  1. What is the Preferred Alternative?
  2. Why was the Preferred Alternative chosen?
  3. What was the process for developing the 43 different alignment and lane configuration alternatives?
  4. What challenges won’t the Preferred Alternative solve?
  5. What travel modes were reviewed before the Preferred Alternative was selected?
  6. Did the community vote to approve the Preferred Alternative?
  7. Will there need to be another vote to move forward with the Preferred Alternative?
  8. How long will it take to construct the Preferred Alternative, including a new bridge, land bridge(s), and new road?
  9. What elements of the Record of Decision have been implemented?
  10. What portions of the Record of Decision (ROD) are still outstanding?
  11. Does the City of Aspen need to acquire a right of way through Marolt and Thomas properties to build the Preferred Alternative?
  12. Why are CDOT and the FHWA involved?
  13. I really like one of the other alternatives. Why can't I have one of those?
  14. What was the process of choosing the Preferred Alternative (PA) that is described in the 1998 Record of Decision (ROD)?
  15. Can the Preferred Alternative be modified?
  16. Are any properties impacted by the Preferred Alternative?
  17. What is the process for acquiring properties and is this included in the project cost?
  18. Does there need to be another vote to change the Marolt-Thomas right of way usage to buses per the first phase of the Preferred Alternative? If so, who gets to participate in the vote?
  19. When would a vote for this project occur?
  20. What will happen to the 8th Street bus stop?
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