Member Information

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Updated Reservation Site Information Letter and Instructions

The Car To Go reservation website had a significant update to the reservation system. Please take a moment to download & read the information packet (PDF) for helpful login and booking instructions.

Member Manual and Quick Facts

All Car To Go members are responsible for complying with the most current Member Manual (PDF). Our pocket-size Quick Facts (PDF) is also located in each vehicle.

Roadside and After-Hours Assistance 

24-hour roadside assistance and customer service are available for Car To Go members using a program vehicle. Follow the links below for more information.

Program Boundaries

All Car To Go members are required to stay within the program boundaries. Note that boundaries for the electric vehicles differ from those of the hybrid vehicles. View our detailed Program Boundaries for more information.

Member Discounts

Car To Go members may also receive discounts on car rentals. View our Member Discounts for more information.