Aspen's Fleet

photo of blue tesla with aspen police department logo in front of a green mountain Electric and zero emission vehicles in the city fleet are going to be one of the most recognizable indicators of the city’s efforts and success in reducing its emissions footprint. The City of Aspen fleet is made up of passenger cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, utility vehicles, and heavy-duty equipment and machinery.  

According to the City of Aspen’s Municipal GHG inventory, in 2019, fleet fuel use was the second largest source (23%) of emissions and the largest source (24%) in 2020 for municipal operations.

As these emissions are directly within the city’s span of control, electric and zero emission vehicles and equipment represent one of the most direct opportunities to reduce emissions at the city and help set a strong precedent for the rest of the community to follow.   

In 2022, Aspen signed on to become a GoEV Citywhich is a commitment to transition its fleet to 100% electric and zero emission alternatives by 2050.