Residential and Commercial Charging

  1. Residential: Charging at Home
  2. Residential: Multi-Family Charging
  3. Commercial: Installing a Charging Station in Aspen
  4. Electrify Your Fleet

How to pick a charging station to install at home?

This depends on how quickly you’d like to charge your electric vehicle at home and what electrical capacity you have available to charge. Level 2 stations will take up to 6 hours for a full charge and as a result are more expensive. Electrical upgrades to support Level 2 charging are an added cost. Level 1 chargers will require overnight charging and some planning ahead of time. However, most Level 1 chargers simply require plugging into a nearby and available outlet. 

How do I get an EV charging station installed?

  • Find out what rebate opportunities are available. 
    • Contact your electricity provider (Holy Cross or Aspen Electric). If on Aspen Electric, contact our partner CORE
    • Contact CLEER for EV charger guidance and grant coaching. 
  • Consider what options you have available for installing an electric vehicle charging station (plan the location and power source). 
  • CLEER can help find an electrician who can provide options for charging your vehicle and costs. (Link to FAQ) 
  • Decide on the charging schedule that works for you and helps minimize charging costs.  

Drive Clean Colorado’s guide to installing residential electric vehicle chargers, including residential chargers.