Engineering Standard, Requirements & Checklists

Engineering Standards (PDF)

The Engineering Standards provide policies, design, construction and excavation guidelines to city agencies, design professionals, contractors, private developers, and community groups for residential and commercial development that ensure the public welfare, preserve the community aesthetic, and promote efficient development within the city limits of Aspen.


Engineering Submittal Requirements:

Certificate of Occupancy Documents:

City of Aspen Engineering Certificate of Occupancy Requirements:

The City of Aspen Engineering Department offers Certificate of Occupancy and Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) inspections when certain criteria are met in advance. We appreciate your help in complying with these requirements:

For projects that are identified as a “Minor Drainage” impact the project must:

  1. Provide landscaping or permanent stabilization per the approved plans.
  2. Complete all drainage features per the approved plans.
  3. Remove all temporary erosion control measures.

For projects identified as a “Major Drainage” impact the project must:

  1. Complete all the Minor Drainage requirements in addition to the requirements below.
  2. Submit an As-Built Survey of all drainage features on the property.
  3. Submit a Grading and Drainage Certificate signed by the Engineer of Record.
  4. Submit a video of any connections to the City of Aspen infrastructure, to demonstrate the system is clean and functional.
  5. Submit an Operations and Maintenance Plan, along with an executed Maintenance Agreement.
  6. Stabilize the entire site with permanent landscaping or other approved methods.

In All Cases (including TCOs):

  1. Any required Right of Way improvements must be complete including sidewalk, curb and gutter, and any other appurtenances that were identified in the approved plans.
  2. Complete installation of all water fixtures to complete the water review portion of the Utilities Final.

Please note that these are solely the requirements to gain Engineering approval. Reaching out several weeks or even months ahead of your CO/TCO request to individual referral agencies is highly recommended.

In all cases, for projects that have landscaping components that can’t be completed, all disturbed soils must be temporarily stabilized with an approved method prior to requesting a CO/TCO during the winter months. Photographic evidence of such work will be made available at sign-off or a site inspection can be scheduled with us prior to snowfall. No bonds in lieu of landscaping will be accepted as an assurance of work to be performed to receive TCO.