Contribute to Creating Childcare for our Community

Kids First has two exciting opportunities for qualified people to operate early childhood programs. 

1. Operate a childcare program in the Yellow Brick Building in Aspen.

Proposals are being accepted now for a childcare provider to operate in three classrooms in the Yellow Brick Building beginning in July 2022. Here is the Request for Proposals (RFP) packet. Proposals are due April 4.

2. Operate an infant room at CMC in Aspen.

The City of Aspen is renovating a classroom at CMC in Aspen that will include indoor and outdoor learning environments for infants. The space will be ready to open this spring. These qualifications are listed here.

If you have thought about starting your own childcare program, we want to help you. Families need high-quality childcare, and Kids First is here to support you, let's talk. 970-920-5370

For more information and to let us know how we can support you in these endeavors, contact:


We have a serious shortage of infant childcare spaces.

Since 2010, the state has lost nearly 200 licensed childcare homes each year, resulting in over 7,300 infant spaces lost.

Colorado in general, and our community specifically, faces a shortage of infant childcare. The state is working on a strategic plan, and we are working on local efforts to address this need.

In the past year Kids First has held focus groups and distributed a survey to help determine the details of what is needed. We have shared those results, and work regionally with our partners to advocate for solutions. I hope this is a continuing conversation and that collectively we will work to remove barriers and to advocate at all levels to improve how we provide care to young children and their families. Thank you for your time and comments!

Family Childcare Homes

Family home childcare happens when a person gets licensed to care for a few children, often along with their own child, in their home. You may be wondering if this is something you could do, or if your home would meet the requirements. We can begin that conversation. 

The State of Colorado and Kids First are offering start-up funding to help meet the licensing requirements, and we can connect you with experts to answer your questions, and help you consider this stay-at-home business that supports your family, and provides a much needed service to families in our community.

Contact me - 970-920-5370, or