We are so excited to be able to offer the chance to watch our "Parenting Counts" workshop via You Tube! Thanks to Grassroots TV for helping create these videos! You will find several episodes of content right here - so grab the popcorn and learn how to support your child's emotional development with our experts.
Please contact us if you have problems with the video, or if you have questions about the workshops -
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Kids First has worked to support families with young children since 1992. Families who live or work in Aspen have more choices and more resources than would be available without the sales tax that funds Kids First and most of our services.

Kids First is located in the Yellow Brick Building at 215 North Garmisch Street in Aspen. Each of our service programs was developed to meet a specific community goals including childcare quality, affordability, or capacity.

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Brush, Book, Bed

Kids love routines - Brush, Book, Bed.
Set a regular nighttime routine that includes brushing teeth, reading together, and then bed. The American Academy of Pediatrics is a program to help parents develop healthy nighttime routines.