Financial Aid

The City of Aspen and Kids First provide financial aid for childcare. Girl with Calculator

Parents are eligible to apply if you:

  • Have a child under 5
  • Have a child attending a participating licensed Pitkin County childcare program
  • Work or live in the Aspen Urban Growth Boundary
  • Qualify financially
  • Work during the hours your child receives care

Please use these forms - English application - Spanish application, also found in the right hand column of this page. Then email us to get a secure email, in order to submit the required documents for a complete application. We have increased security for your personal information.

Check out the calculator on this page to see if you may qualify for childcare financial aid.

Childcare Financial Aid Calculator
Here are a few questions to help determine possible eligibility for financial aid:
How many members in your household, including yourself, your spouse or significant other, dependents (children under 18)?
What is your household's total gross income per year?
How many children under five in childcare?
What are the average # of days your child(ren) will be enrolled in childcare per week?
What is your daily cost of childcare per child?