Irrigation Assessment and Rebates

  1. Program Details
  2. How do I particpate?
  3. Irrigation Best Practices

The City of Aspen is supporting the community’s efficient use of water by offering free irrigation assessments to interested Aspen water customers. After making improvements, the City of Aspen is offering 50% cost-sharing rebates (of up to $2,500 per parcel) to be applied to customers’ water accounts.

Our team of certified water efficient landscapers:

  1. Visit your property
  2. Perform an assessment of your entire irrigation system
  3. Provide a report with recommendations to improve the efficiency of your irrigation system

 This free service:

  • Saves water for our entire community by helping you avoid overwatering, find leaks, and make your irrigation system more efficient
  • Can lower your water bill
  • Help your landscape thrive by identifying the exact amount of moisture it needs