AIM - Aspen Intelligent Metering

Customer Portal Registration

If you have already received your no-cost meter upgrade you can view the same water and electric data Utility Billing uses to produce your bills by registering and logging into the City Utilities Customer Portal. Please click on the link, follow these brief Registration Instructions, and view your hourly water and electric consumption today!

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Scheduling Information

If you have not received your no-cost water meter upgrade, please schedule an appointment by calling (970)309-9750.

Benefits of AIM:

  • Accuracy: Digital readings eliminate potential errors in analog meter readings and result in more accurate billing.
  • Reliability: Utility staff can quickly identify power outages and water leaks at your home or business resulting in accelerated response time.
  • Convenience: In the future customers will have remote access to usage data and apps daily, instead  of waiting for a monthly bill.
  • Efficiency: Remote meter reading saves time so utility staff can focus on other customer priorities.
  • Environmental: Usage data can help customers set conservation goals. Significantly decreases vehicle travel because meter readers are not in the field as often. 
  • Affordability: Modernized data tracking and collection create savings for the utility that is passed on to customers.

What Customers can expect

The project provides a new meter installation for all electric customers and the addition of new technology to water meters, replacing them only when the current meter is not AIM compatible. Customers can expect 15 minute outages for electric meter installations and typical water installations. Some water installations may have longer outages, requiring 1-2 hours to replace aging meters, wires and associated infrastructure.

Information on Safety of Intelligent Meters and Radio Frequency

2023 Customer Opt-Out Information

Additional Project Information

EMAIL:     PHONE: 970.920.5110