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Permits Contact Survey

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  2. Instructions
    Please help us help you. The following information will be used to make sure we can contact you to start the registration process and regarding “lunch and learns” and other trainings on our new permit system.
  3. Business with the City of Aspen
    Please check below for business you anticipate conducting with the City of Aspen in the next month (between July 2 and July 22)
  4. Personal Contact Information
    Please provide contact information - this will be used to contact you regarding upcoming training sessions.
  5. Please provide First and Last Name
  6. This would be a builder, architect or other business you are associated with.
  7. If you need assistance, please contact or 970-920-5065.
  8. You will receive a confirmation email once you are registered asking you to set your password.
  9. After your password is set, you can apply through the customer portal for Tent, Fence, Sign, Temporary Encroachment, Tree, and Parking Reservation Permits
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