• What is Aspen 311 Connect?

Aspen 311 Connect is a customer service platform that allows community members to request assistance with city services and information. Do you have a concern, request, question, or kudos you’d like to send to us? Submit it through the Aspen 311 Connect Apple or Google Play app on your mobile device, or online.

  • Why should I download and use the app?

Built for use on your mobile device, the mobile app, via Google Play and Apple, allows you to easily connect with your local government right where you are - whether that is at a desk or on the go. To find the app in the app store, search for "Aspen 311."

  • When should I use the app?

When submitting a request, multiple layers of identification can be invoked or circumvented, depending on how the user decides to interact with the application.

The first layer is user registration.  A user may opt to register an account, providing name, contact information, and ultimately creating credentials that can be used to allow the City to identify the submitter. While this is not mandatory, it is highly recommended, so the City can easily respond to the submitter and handle the request.  

If a user decides to log in as a guest, they have either not registered at all or have logged out of their account. In this instance, they are anonymous to both the City and the public. However, it is likely that a request submitted anonymously cannot be handled by the City – particularly if the request is of a certain nature (complaint about zoning, construction, etc.)

The second layer is anonymity. Just before submission of a ticket, there is an option to submit anonymously at the bottom of the request form. If you select this option, the City will have no registration-based information to tell them who submitted the ticket, even if you are logged in. The public will also be unable to view who submitted the ticket. It is complete anonymity. Again, this means that if the City does not collect your name and contact information by some other method, they will likely not be able to process your request.

For this reason, some categories will ask for submitter and contact information that will be visible to the City, but not to the public online. You will be able to identify these fields because below the field will be the words, “Not displayed publicly”. While this information will then be removed from display on the application when viewed by the public, the information will be received by the City, and available to the public if requested pursuant to a Colorado Records Request.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be advised that information provided to the City through the Aspen 311 Connect website or application will be subject to public disclosure pursuant the Colorado Open Records Act, Colo. Rev. Stat. sections 24-72-201, et seq.