Project History

A train crosses the original Castle Creek Bridge #1In the mid-nineties, hundreds of community members worked tirelessly to address traffic congestion and improve air quality through plans for a different Entrance to Aspen. This work was used by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as the foundation to create 10 project objectives. These objectives are still being used today to make decisions about the Entrance to Aspen. To meet these objectives, CDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) evaluated 43 different alignments and lane configurations (PDF), solicited public comment, held an official public hearing open house, and considered comments from 951 letters about what the future of the Entrance to Aspen could be.

Image provided by the Aspen Historical Society. 

The Decision

  • CDOT and FHWA selected one out of 43 alignments (PDF) that met all 10 project objectives. This is known as the “Preferred Alternative”.
  • The Preferred Alternative and key transportation improvements between the airport and Aspen (such as the roundabout and the new Maroon Creek Bridge) are part of a larger document called the Record of Decision (ROD) that was finalized in 1998.
  • The ROD was specifically written to include flexibility, welcoming public input on future design elements that would meet community needs and desires.