Outdoor Lighting

The City of Aspen will soon be updating the lighting section of the Land Use Code to recognize current technologies in outdoor lighting, as well as align with community goals with an emphasis on controlling and reducing light trespass, light pollution, and glare in nighttime environments.

Street and pedestrian lighting play a key role in how people experience communities at night. Lighting can create a sense of place and identity throughout a city. It can also adversely affect people and wildlife habitats with glare and light trespass.

When designed with purpose and clear intent, our light can enhance the aesthetic character of Aspen, as well as improve visibility, visual comfort, wayfinding, public safety, and security. If poorly designed, lighting could create undesirable effects such as glare, light trespass, and light pollution.

As we move forward in updating our lighting policies, we will focus on key areas including:

  • Safety and security.
  • Protection of the night skies.
  • Human and environmental concerns.
  1. Ben Anderson

    Deputy Director

  2. Haley Hart

    Long Range Planner

  3. Sophie Varga

    Zoning Enforcement Officer