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1. Why was the Preferred Alternative chosen?
2. What was the process for developing the 43 different alignment and lane configuration alternatives?
3. What challenges won’t the Preferred Alternative solve?
4. What travel modes were reviewed before the Preferred Alternative was selected?
5. Did the community vote to approve the Preferred Alternative?
6. Will there need to be another vote to move forward with the Preferred Alternative?
7. How long will it take to construct the Preferred Alternative, including a new bridge, land bridge(s), and new road?
8. What elements of the Record of Decision have been implemented?
9. What portions of the Record of Decision (ROD) are still outstanding?
10. Does the City of Aspen need to acquire a right of way through Marolt and Thomas properties to build the Preferred Alternative?
11. Why are CDOT and the FHWA involved?