Who responds to Aspen 311 Connect requests?

Employees of the City of Aspen reply to Aspen 311 Connect communications.

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1. What is Aspen 311 Connect?
2. Why should I download and use the app?
3. When should I use Aspen 311 Connect?
4. Can I call 311 on my phone to reach Aspen 311 Connect?
5. How do I contact the City using Aspen 311 Connect?
6. What type of issues can be reported through Aspen 311 Connect?
7. How can I get to Aspen 311 Connect?
8. How do I control the privacy of my identity in Aspen 311 Connect?
9. How do I manage email notifications from Aspen 311 Connect?
10. What Hours is Aspen 311 Connect Available?
11. Who responds to Aspen 311 Connect requests?
12. Will Aspen 311 Connect help me reach other organizations like Pitkin County, Colorado State Patrol, or the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)?
13. How do I check the status of a request I submit?
14. How do I reset my password or account email?
15. What do the categories mean?