Why is it important to Aspen residents to have a second bridge to get in and out of Aspen?

There are several reasons why implementing the Preferred Alternative, including a second bridge, could be helpful to Aspen residents:

  • In the event of a wildfire, mudslide, or other natural disasters, an evacuation of Aspen could be necessary. Currently, the primary evacuation route is the Castle Creek Bridge. Adding a new bridge would double the number of evacuation routes for automobiles and triple the number of lanes available for evacuation.
  • Where there are now good-paying jobs down the valley, it is possible that some workers who currently travel to Aspen each day for work would decide they could work down the valley instead and avoid commuting through Aspen traffic each day. That could have a negative impact on the services available in Aspen. 
  • Because the Castle Creek Bridge was built in 1961 and is nearing the end of its 75-year design life, the bridge will continue to require major repairs. Having a new second bridge would allow residents to go down the valley without significant construction delays.

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1. What are the challenges of rebuilding the existing Castle Creek Bridge?
2. If we proceed with the Preferred Alternative, what’s next?
3. What are the cost estimates and funding sources for the Preferred Alternative?
4. What would the impacts to the community be during the construction of the new bridge, land bridge(s), and new road?
5. Why can’t one of the other alternatives be considered instead of the Preferred Alternative?
6. Can we build a tunnel so that we maintain the open space and trail connections?
7. Can we proceed with a light rail now?
8. How much does light rail cost?
9. Would the connection to Cemetery Lane remain?
10. Why is it important to Aspen residents to have a second bridge to get in and out of Aspen?
11. Is the current Castle Creek Bridge safe?
12. Have other bridges in our community ever had weight restrictions?
13. When was the Castle Creek Bridge last inspected? What is the condition of the current Castle Creek Bridge and when will it be inspected next?
14. Can the current Castle Creek Bridge be repaired?
15. If Castle Creek Bridge needs to be repaired or replaced in the same location, what is the expected duration of that project?
16. If the Preferred Alternative is built, will the old Castle Creek Bridge be transferred to the City of Aspen?