How do you remove white film from dishware?

Add Vinegar During the Final Rinse

Commercial spot-free rinse for the dishwasher does not always work to prevent a film on dishware. If glasses and even plastic items are coming out of the dishwasher covered in a dusty white film, try adding one-half to a full cup of white vinegar just as the final rinse begins. For some this works to prevent a white film on dishes, and the vinegar works to keep hard water deposits from building up inside the dishwasher and the working components and drains.

Use Less Detergent

Hard water can be remedied with a water softener, but even those with a water softener sometimes have problems with a white film on dishes. When a water softener is used, it is not necessary to completely fill the dishwasher detergent cups. The amount of detergent used can be cut in half. It could be an overuse of detergent causing the thin white film on glassware and other dishes. Cut back the amount of detergent used. Not only will this save money, but it will also help prevent the formation of white film on dishes.

More Information

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