I'm a business, how do I comply?
  • Charge $0.20 for each single-use carryout bag distributed to a customer. The fee cannot be internalized by the company and must be charged and itemized on the receipt.  
  • Remit payment of $0.16 for each bag to the City of Aspen on a quarterly basis:  
    • April 20th
    • July 20th 
    • October 20th 
    • January 20th  
  • Stores must provide a sign notifying customers of this program.  
  • Restaurants are exempt from the law’s requirements. 

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1. History of the Bag Fee
2. I'm a business, how do I comply?
3. What does the City of Aspen do with the fee revenue?
4. What counts as a single-use carryout bag?
5. What counts as reusable carryout bag?
6. What types of bags can I provide my customers?
7. Are there any exemptions?
8. If my store is not affected by the law but I want to reduce single-bag use, what can I do?
9. Why is the City of Aspen's single-use carryout bag fee different than the state's?