What do the categories mean?

Some categories may appear less self-explanatory than others. Here are some common categories and the type of information you can access through them:

  • Air Quality Complaint - Vehicles are not allowed to idle for more than five minutes in Aspen because the City is in a box canyon. Air can quickly become polluted. If you see anything threatening our air quality, you can use this category to ask about it or report it.
  • Gas Powered Leaf Blower - Gas-powered leaf blowers are only allowed to be used in certain areas at certain times. Use this category to ask about or report a problem with a leaf blower.
  • General Noise Issue - This type of noise is handled by Environmental Health & Sustainability (EHS), and includes neighbor noise. Other types of noise are handled by other departments. For instance, Engineering handles construction noise, and Special Events handles noise associated with special events.
  • Parking - Ask questions about parking or report illegally parked or abandoned vehicles. IF YOU WISH TO DISPUTE A PARKING TICKET, address it through the Parking System
  • Snow Removal - Snow removal is performed by different entities depending upon where the snow must be removed. Snow falling is handled by different departments in these areas: Streets, Trails, Private Sidewalks, The Downtown Mall, Mill Street Bridge Sidewalk, and Entrances to Alleyways and ADA ramps in Aspen Core. If you want to report a need for snow removal, please be very specific about where and on what the snow has accumulated. This will help route your request more directly to the appropriate department. The City of Aspen, through Aspen 311 Connect, does not handle snow and ice removal requests from sidewalks EXCEPT for the Pedestrian (Downtown) Mall, Mill Street Bridge, and the Red Brick Center for the Arts. Property owners are responsible for snow removal in front of their properties. Enforcement of private sidewalk snow removal is handled by Community Resource Officers (police) and requests can go through their "Report a Crime" form.
  • Trash Receptacles - If a City of Aspen trash receptacle is damaged and there is a possibility of danger due to bears, please contact the Aspen Police Department at 970-920-5400.
  • Tree Lights - The zoning department handles concerns about holiday lights.

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