What control does Aspen have over small cell infrastructure?

The City of Aspen is working diligently to protect the community’s character, aesthetics, and values to every extent possible within the federal guidelines.

Aspen does have some control over the design and location of the small cell infrastructure. For instance, what the poles look like or how far apart they can be. Aspen recently amended its Land Use Code to respond to changing state and federal regulations regarding small cell infrastructure. This code amendment also adopted design guidelines that are applicable to small cell facilities.  Aspen is currently in the process of creating more detailed and comprehensive design guidelines with consultant HRGreen with the goal of protecting Aspen’s character and unique identity while delivering small cell technology according to state and federal law to residents, guests, visitors, businesses, and emergency services. 

Aspen is proactively developing standards that address aesthetics and spacing requirements for small cell installation in the public right-of-way while also complying with state and federal law.  By law, small cell facilities are allowed in the public right-of-way just like other utilities.

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