When preparing my sales tax return, what supporting documents for my deductions should I retain?
  • Non-taxable service sales: Invoice should clearly denote the type of service performed.
  • Sales to other licensed dealers for purposes of taxable resale: Certificate from buyer’s home state documenting buyer is a wholesaler.
  • Sales shipped out of city: Shipping documents that can be traced to invoice. Shipping receipts should include individual/company where item was shipped, address and invoice number. Invoice should include purchaser’s name and shipping address.
  • Sales to governmental, religious and/or charitable organizations: Valid exemption certificate from buyer’s home state or a letter from IRS indicating exempt status, including name of organization and employer identification number (EIN). Note: In order for purchases to be tax exempt, the organization must be conducting regular religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational business. For example, a church that has tax exempt status would have to pay applicable sales and lodging taxes to a hotel if church members are on a ski vacation, even if the lodging services were paid with a church check.

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2. When preparing my sales tax return, what supporting documents for my deductions should I retain?
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