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Estimate Your Own Permit Fees

City staff has created two new calculators to help you estimate your own permit fees during the conceptual phases of your project. You can now estimate your own Building Permit, Impact, and Residential Water Tap and Sanitation Fees using information you enter yourself. Please enter information into the first excel tab and your fee estimate is provided on the second tab. The fees provided by these calculators are estimates only and will be confirmed by city staff at the submission and issuance of a permit.
Building Permit Fee Estimate 
Water and Sanitation Tap Fees 
Please note these calculators require Microsoft Excel to function properly. They do not work correctly when opened in Numbers on a Macintosh.
Reach out to permitcooridinators@cityofaspen.com with any questions regarding fee estimation.

Important Update: Salesforce - New Permitting System 

Migrating Permits Into Salesforce:  Do you have a permit that was issued in our old system?  Between now and the end of the year, we will be converting it over to Salesforce. 

  • What do you need to do?  If you haven’t already registered in Salesforce, please do so now by clicking HERE.  You must be registered in Salesforce in order to complete the processing of your permit, e.g., requesting inspections.  We will notify you when we have converted your permit.  Until that time, please continue to work with us just as you always have.  

Salesforce Support: We have created SF Support to assist you if you are having difficulties using our new system.  Please email us at sfsupport@cityofaspen.com or call 970-920-5065.  Please note, however, that our resources are limited.  We will do all we can to address your problem as quickly as possible.  We look forward to working with you as we roll out our new system.  Thank you for your patience.   

New Residential Zoning Checklist

A checklist has been created to guide building permit applicants through what documents are required for Zoning review. The Zoning Checklist is a required submittal document for all residential building permits. The document can be found on the Community Development website HERE.
It is recommended that prior to building permit submittal all applicants schedule a meeting with Zoning Staff to review the draft application and ensure that all necessary information will be provided.
Please reach out to the Zoning Staff with any questions at comdevzoning@cityofaspen.com

Vacation Rental Land Use Code Amendments

The short-term rental of a free market residential unit is identified in the City of Aspen Land Use Code as a “Vacation Rental”.  Vacation Rental units are common and are required to not only receive approval from the Community Development Department to operate but also the City of Aspen Finance Department via a business license.  The City of Aspen Finance Department has recently initiated the process of implementing new software that will enable the business community to electronically submit business license applications including Vacation Rental business licenses.  This new software will streamline the process for the public and better monitor applications, track issued licenses, and signal expiration dates. 
Currently, the Land Use Code states that if an individual or business entity represents one or more Vacation Rental property, only one business license is required.  In an effort to bolster the tracking ability of the software, Land Use Code amendments will be proposed to require that each Vacation Rental property receive a duly issued business license.  Changing the Land Use in this manner will also better track the location and type of property being used as a Vacation Rental.   
The Vacation Rental Land Use Code Amendment process will begin with a Policy Resolution and 1st Reading of a draft ordinance before the Aspen City Council on November 12th, 2019 in City Council Chambers.  2nd Reading of the draft ordinance is scheduled for November 26th, 2019.  For questions related to the new business license software, please contact Anthony Lewin in the Finance Department at 970-920-5006, .  For questions related to the Land Use Code Amendment process and hearing schedule please contact Mike Kraemer in the Community Development Department at 970-920-2741.

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