The smuggler lodge
Courtesy of the Aspen Historical Society


On May 13th, City Council adopted amendments to benefits available for designated properties.  The amendments change a number of benefits which Council determined conflict with other community goals, or which facilitate over-development of historic sites.

The full ordinance can be viewed here 

Complete applications affecting historic properties and submitted by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11th will be subject to the existing code language.  After that time, the amendments become effective. Following is a summary of the code changes. 

  • No Growth Management exemptions will be provided to historic properties.  Full affordable housing mitigation will be required.
  • No more than 50% of the floor area within the interior of a historic resource may be demolished. The intent of this provision is to disincentivize the underutilization of the historic resource in order to make a larger addition to it.
  • Where a duplex is proposed on a designated property which contains a historic resource, the common unpierced wall must occur below grade. 
  • Where duplexes and two detached homes are allowed on a substandard sized landmark parcel, the maximum floor area for either option will be the floor area allowed for a duplex on that site.
  • The maximum floor area bonus that HPC can award has been amended so that only 9,000 square foot properties may receive up to 500 square feet, while smaller lots receive less, based on parcel size.
  • The criteria for a floor area bonus have been re-written to provide more consistency and clear preservation benefit.
  • HPC can no longer completely waive parking mitigation for historic commercial properties.  A number of mitigation alternatives remain in place.
  • The City will no longer review applications for State Income Tax Credits for Historic Preservation.  These applications will go directly to History Colorado in Denver.
  • Where Transferable Development Rights are requested, HPC will make a recommendation to City Council and Council may determine that, in some cases, TDRs are not the best preservation solution and may deny the application.

Please note that applications for voluntary historic designation through the Aspen Modern program remain eligible to negotiate any incentives deemed appropriate by the property owner and City Council.

Land Use Code Amendment:
Transportation and Parking Management


On Monday May 20th Council will hear second reading of Ordinance 13, 2019 amending the Transportation and Parking Management section of the land use code.  The amendments are limited in scope, focused on revising formatting, clarifying terminology and processes, and coordinating between various standards in the section.  Some of the sections proposed for amendment include:

  • Definitions – 26.515.010
  • Applicability – 26.515.020
  • Meeting Parking Requirements – 26.515.050
  • Off-Street Parking Requirements – 26.515.070

The amendments will not change development rights or requirements of development for the provision of mobility improvements and off-street parking. 
Public comment will be available during the second reading hearing.  Please direct any questions about these amendments to Phillip Supino, Long-Range Planner, at, 970.429.2767.

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