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Posted on: June 23, 2023

City of Aspen Embraces a Visionary Path Forward


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City of Aspen Embraces a Visionary Path Forward

Resolution Passed, Adopting 2023-2025 City Council Goals

ASPEN, COLORADO - June 22,2023 - The City of Aspen proudly announces the passage of Resolution #90, adopting the 2023-2025 City Council Goals. These goals, as outlined in the resolution, will serve as a comprehensive roadmap to shape the city's future and address critical issues for the community. The goals encompass six key areas identified by City Council: mobility, affordable housing, community building, customer-focused government, environmental protection, and infrastructure.

"We are excited to announce the adoption of the 2023-2025 City Council Goals, reflecting the collaborative efforts and dedication of our Council members," stated Mayor Torre. "Through extensive dialogue and collective input, we have developed a strategic framework that embodies our shared vision for Aspen's future. These goals represent our commitment to address the pressing needs of our community, foster sustainable growth, and enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors. By working together, we will embark on a journey of progress and create a brighter tomorrow for Aspen."

The City Council recognizes that a safe, reliable, multi-modal, and integrated transportation system is essential for Aspen's stability and economic prosperity. Efforts will focus on improving and expanding the transportation system, reducing vehicle miles traveled, exploring traffic congestion improvements, increasing electrification of the city’s transit fleet, and researching funding options for transit expansion, as stated in the resolution.

In addressing the significant concern of affordable housing, the City Council is committed to implementing the city’s Affordable Housing Strategic Plan and completing Council-directed projects. The goals also emphasize the optimization of existing housing stock and the prioritization of financing for affordable housing initiatives.

Community building and engagement are fundamental components of the City Council's goals. The Council recognizes the importance of fostering a strong sense of community and promoting active engagement among residents, businesses, and visitors. Additionally, partnerships with local health and human service nonprofit organizations through the city grants program and increased childcare availability will strengthen support systems and enhance the overall well-being of the community. The Council is dedicated to fostering an environment where community members feel heard, valued, and empowered to actively participate in shaping Aspen's future.

The City Council is also committed to providing exceptional customer service and enhancing relationships with residents, businesses, and visitors. The goals focus on continuous improvement of customer service standards, optimization of development review processes, and ensuring equitable access to services and information for all community members.

Protecting the environment and building community resilience are also integral parts of Aspen's future vision. The goals prioritize reducing greenhouse gas emissions, finalizing building performance standards to achieve energy efficient use, investing in climate change resilience for utility systems, wildlife conservation, wildfire mitigation, open space stewardship, river health, and preservation of the urban forest.

Lastly, maintaining and upgrading infrastructure is crucial for Aspen's long-term sustainability. The goals prioritize funding for aging facilities, exploration of necessary debt issuance, implementation of recommendations from rate studies, and efficient allocation of short-term rental tax revenues.

The City Council acknowledges the need for long-term efforts and meaningful actions to achieve these goals, as outlined in the resolution. By actively pursuing these objectives, Aspen aims to build a vibrant, sustainable, and resilient community.


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