Electric Vehicles

The City of Aspen envisions a future with drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality.

11% of Aspen’s community greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to on-road vehicular transportation according to the 2020 community-wide GHG inventory.  In 2017, Aspen City Council formally adopted the 2017 Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan which aims to increase the adoption rate of zero-emission electric vehicles by installing public electric vehicle (EV) charging, EV education and incentives, and leading by example with the City’s own fleet and operations. EV readiness is a key strategy to advance Aspen’s Climate Action Plan and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With ample public transportation options (including RFTA, and WE-cycle) and infrastructure that supports active travel, we encourage you to walk, bike, take public transit, and carpool before using a personal vehicle. However, when driving a car is required, EVs are the best option to support Aspen’s environmental sustainability. This is especially true when EVs are charged on a low-carbon electric grid, such as the 100% renewably sourced Aspen Electric.

Our hope is to support you in your journey towards increased sustainability by providing you access to public EV charging stations and local EV education and incentives.

Costs for Charging

Currently, there are three DCFC fast-charging stations in Aspen and six Level 2 Charging Stations. Users of the DCFC fast-charging stations have been subject to a $0.45/ kWh demand use charge since 2022. 

Beginning May 1, 2023, the City of Aspen will begin charging a fee for the use of their Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Users of Level 2 charging stations will be subject to a $0.25/ kWh charge. 

The fast-charging stations are located near Aspen City Hall, in the Rio Grande Parking Garage, and across from the Rubey Park Transit Center. The Level 2 charging stations are currently located in the Rio Grande Parking Garage, Spring Street, and on Main and First Street with more being added every year.

Parking fees and posted parking hours apply for all charging stations. 

Find a Charging Station

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are vehicles that operate on an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of fuel and gases. The City of Aspen is committed to reducing greenhouse gases in our community and supports the use of EVs by offering charging stations throughout town. The EV Public Charging Infrastructure Master Plan outlines our recommendations for advancing Aspen's public charging infrastructure for the next five years. Charging stations are sites where EVs can receive a charge that contributes to the range the vehicle can drive. 

Use this map to find an EV charging station near you. You can visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center for the US Department of Energy's map of charging stations across the nation.

Free Parking Permits Available 

  • 100% electric vehicles can apply for a permit to park for free in Aspen’s residential areas. Inquire at the City of Aspen Parking Department by calling 1-970-920-5267 or visiting: 455 Rio Grande Building, Aspen, CO 81611. 
  • No matter what type of vehicle you drive, we recommend carpooling. Cars with two or more adults can pick up a daily carpool permit at the Brush Creek Park & Ride to park for free in Aspen residential areas.

Rebates are available for the purchase of level 2 and 3 electric vehicle chargers:

  1. Parking

    Physical Address
    455 Rio Grande Place
    Aspen, CO 81611

  2. Climate Action Office

    Physical Address
    427 Rio Grande Place
    1st Floor
    Aspen, CO 81611