Utility Requirements

Triggers for a Water Department Review

  • Any change (addition or removal) of the fixtures and elements that impact the total demand.
  • New water service (service line replacement or upgrade)


  1. Water department review is triggered by Community Development releasing approved permit applications to the assigned referral agencies
  2. Water department staff will review the existing plans versus proposed plans to determine how permit is signed off
  3. If fees are due, they must be collected prior to issuance of building permit
  4. Construction / Development (completion of proposed work)
  5. Final Inspection / ECU count: water staff completes a site visit in which all water / ECU fixtures will be counted to ensure account accuracy

Required documents for permit submission:

  • Detailed floor plans (existing and proposed) of the work to be done
  • Plans must include all water fixtures

New Utilities Development Fees

2017 Rates
Utility Development Fees
$50 per Review
 Basic Projects with 0 to 100 square feet of Affected Area   
$1 per square foot
Minor Projects with 101 to 5,000 square feet of Affected Area
 $1 per square foot  for first 5,000 square feet plus $0.75 per square foot thereafter
 Intermediate Projects of 5,001 to 15,000 square feet of Affected Area
 $1 per square foot for first 5,000 square foot  plus $0.75 per square foot  for next 10,000 square feet plus  $0.50 per square foot thereafter  
 Major Projects with more than 15,000 square feet of Affected Are

Download a copy of the 2017 Utility Development Fees (PDF).

Tap Fees

Tap fees are fees incurred for adding to the account’s overall water usage potential. This additional potential is achieved by adding water fixtures (sinks, toilets, irrigation, etc.), adding to occupancy (bedrooms, restaurant seats, etc.), upgrading the water service line (size increase, fire suppression, etc.), or any other changes to the plumbing that can add or subtract to the overall water usage potential.

Contact information

Steve Wilson
Plans Review
Phone: 970-429-1974

Lee Ledesma
Development Review Fee Questions
Phone: 970-429-1975