Avoid Application Rejection

Before your application can be reviewed for compliance, staff does an initial check to make sure your application is complete and the information provided is correct. Learn about some of the most common reasons applications are initially rejected, causing your review and approval to be delayed.

Common Delays for Business Licenses

  • Incorrect physical address and/or Suite Number on property.
  • Failing to submit Vacation Rental Permit (PDF) paperwork when applicant intends to lease/rent their property.
    • This application should be submitted along with your business license application.
  • Incomplete application - not providing all necessary information.
    • Please make sure the form is 100% complete before submitting.

Common Delays for Restaurant Plans / Food Service Permits

  • Failing to contact Environmental Heath and Sustainability when opening a business with a food service component.
  • Incorrect or incomplete information submitted in the Plan Review (PDF) paper work.
  • Outstanding fees.
  • Failing to schedule an opening inspection with the Environmental Health and Sustainability Department at least one week prior to the anticipated opening date.
  • Failing to provide a separate set of plans of any food related area to Environmental Health and Sustainability.

Although the Building Department may already have your complete set of plans, Environmental Health and Sustainability needs to obtain a separate plan for their review of any food related area in the proposed site.