The City of Aspen envisions a future with drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality.

As of 2017, 24% of Aspen’s community greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to on-road vehicular transportation. The Climate Action Team recommends in the 2017 Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan to increase the ratio of electric vehicles (EVs) in Aspen to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While we encourage you to walk, bike, take public transit, and carpool before using a personal vehicle, when driving a car is required, EVs are the best option to support Aspen’s environmental sustainability. This is especially true when EVs are charged on a low-carbon electric grid, such as the 100% renewably sourced Aspen Electric.

Our hope is to support you in your journey towards increased sustainability by providing you access to free EV charging stations and resources to keep and maintain electric vehicles. 

EV Charger Rebates

EV Readiness 

EV Parking and Charging Stations