Understand Permit Requirements

To get through the permitting process with minimal delays, you need to submit applications that are complete and compliant with city and state requirements. This includes submitting all required forms and documentation, in a format that can be easily understood.

Locate the Documents You Need

To assist you, the City has developed a Resource Center with a section specific to building and remodeling. In the center, you will find information such as:

  • Application forms, checklists and reference materials
  • Links to building codes and other standards that apply to your project
  • Lists of documents you need to submit with your application
  • Descriptions of the information to include within your documents
  • Examples of complete and compliant documents

Other Requirements

Be aware that many projects require more than one permit. Building projects may require a building permit (a number one permit), sub-permits for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work, and permits for exterior work such as grading and excavating.

  • Other Permits - Always check to see which permits may be applicable in your situation, using our List of Construction-Related Permits and Triggers page.
  • Engineering Development Review Standards - review project thresholds to determine when the Engineering Department will need to review your plans and development activities.

Contact Us

If you have questions about which permits you may need and the requirements for a complete and compliant submission, contact the Community Development Permit Coordinator for assistance.