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Recycle right and reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing waste in Aspen can be confusing. That's why we offer our services to residents, visitors, businesses, and waste haulers. While we do not provide waste removal services, we do provide education, information, training, and tools for how to reduce waste, recycle right, and send food waste to the compost pile

recyclables should be clean and dry of food debris
Styrofoam belongs in the trash
Take Away Containers Belong in the Trash
plastic toys and bucket belong in the trash
Plastic bags belong in the trash
Recycling Right in Aspen
  • Recyclable food containers should be rinsed and free of food remnants.
  • Styrofoam products such as packing materials, beverage cups, and takeaway food containers go in the trash. Try reusing packaging.
  • Unless compostable, take-away food containers go in the trash.
  • Plastic toys and buckets go in the trash. Or, try donating plastic toys and reusing buckets.
  • Plastic bags go in the trash. Try reusable bags instead.
  • Recycling regulations differ depending on where you live. Check your local landfill and/or haulers to ensure you're recycling right.

Pitkin County Landfill Recycling Guide

guide to what to recycle and what not to recycle in Pitkin County

Recycling in Aspen

In Aspen, we're here to help you make the right decisions when it comes to recycling. Check out these resources that can help with proper waste diversion and reduction: 

Waste Ordinances in Aspen

The City of Aspen is committed to environmental stewardship and preserving our natural resources for generations to come. We have specific ordinances in place to align our community in best practices to support these efforts. 

Want to Learn More? 

From 2015 to 2017, The City of Aspen partnered with Pitkin County and contracted with waste consultants to analyze the waste composition of our community and make recommendations for reducing waste buried in the Pitkin County landfill. This was accomplished with both a Phase 1 and Phase II Study. 

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