Planner of the Day

About Planner of the Day

Planner of the Day is a service provided to all community members to assist with understanding The City of Aspen’s Land Use Code requirements for property located within city limits. Planning Staff is available to answer questions about relevant zone district requirements and necessary land use review processes for a particular property, or more general questions about development in Aspen.

We are experiencing limited staff in comparison to the volume of inquiries. We will do our best to respond within 24 - 48 hours. 

Please refrain from submitting your inquiry multiple times as this will cause further delays.

There is currently no POD service on Fridays and City Hall remains closed. The Community Development Department will provide service to the public through employees working remotely until further notice. 

We thank you for your patience as we work to respond as soon as possible. 

Most questions will be addressed within 24 hours (one business day) from the initial inquiry, though more detailed or complex questions may take more time.  Additionally, questions beyond typical may be subject to an hourly fee, or may require you to conduct research independently or through a professional planning firm.

You may access the Planner of the Day service through these options:

  1. Send emails directly to this address:
  2. Leaving a message on the Planner of the Day voicemail at 970.429.2764; please include your name and email with the voicemail

The City of Aspen’s Engineering and Building Departments have similar services. Additionally, if you have questions about property within Pitkin County but outside Aspen’s city limits, Pitkin County’s Community Development also has planner of the day services. Contact Information is below.

Related Contact Information

Disclaimer Statement:

The information or opinions provide by the Planner of the Day or Builder of the Day services are advisory in nature only and are not binding in the City of Aspen. If applicable, the information and opinions provided are based on current zoning, which is subject to change in the future, and upon factual representations that may or may not be accurate. The opinions and information provided do not create a legal or vested right or any claim of detrimental reliance.