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Please click here to begin the registration process. You will receive a confirmation email once you are registered asking you to set your password. Note: The link will expire in 72 hours. If you miss the window, please contact or call 970-920-5065. After your password is set, you can apply through the customer portal for the above-listed permits. 

If you need assistance, please contact or call 970-920-5065. 

Building Permitting Process

STAND-ALONE & SUB-PERMITS: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP), Fire Systems and Alarms, Tent, Fence, and Sign Permits

  • Stand-Alone Permits:
    • Must be applied for on the City’s permits management system Applicant Portal.
    • MEP and Sign Permit applications must include a signed HOA Compliance form.  Permit applications that do not include this form will not be accepted.  A letter on HOA letterhead is not an acceptable substitute.
    • Mechanical Permits proposing exterior work must include equipment cutsheets, a site plan showing the proposed location of the equipment, and measurements showing the distance of proposed equipment to all streets.
  • Sub-Permits:
    • Must have the Master Permit number included with application.
    • Please submit your application via the permits management system Applicant Portal.

BUILDING PERMITS: Building, Building -Repair, Building - IFFR (Interior Finish and Fixture Removal), Roof/Re-roof, Change Order, Temporary Structure, Building - Phased, Building Demolition

Important – You must speak with a Permit Coordinator prior to applying for any type of Building Permit. 

Email them at or call the Community Development Department at 970-920-5090 and ask to speak to a Permit Coordinator.

  • Processing:
    1. Pre-submittal Meeting: 
      • Permit Coordinator provides a list of items required to be submitted with the application.
      • Permit Coordinator will advise applicants about any approvals required prior to submitting the application.
      • Items required: Project Address, Detailed Scope of Work, Contact Information, Any applicable approvals.
    2. Submittal (Application Completeness Review):
      • Permit Coordinator reviews the submittal to ensure that all required documents have been submitted and are complete. 
      • The application is accepted as complete: Salesforce will send applicants an email notifying them of total submittal fees due and information on how to see the fee breakdown.   
        • Permits Excluded from Submittal Fees: Building - IFFR, Building - Repair, Change Orders, Temporary Structure
      • The application is deemed incomplete: Permit Coordinator will provide the applicant information on additional items required to complete the submittal. 
    3.   Permit Review:
      • Once the permit application is complete and submittal fees are paid, the Permit Coordinator advances the permit to Permit Review status. 
      • The relevant City review agencies review the permit for compliance with all applicable codes.  Individual agencies then either approve the application or issue comments on items that are required to be addressed prior to approval.
        • Review agencies will independently send their comments to the applicant.  
        • Applicant must prepare one response to comments package that addresses the comments of all review agencies.  
        • Applicants must upload in the Applicant Portal their responses to agency comments.  Applicants also must notify the Permit Coordinator when they have uploaded their re-submittal.   
        • Permit Coordinator will update permit status in Salesforce, which will initiate another round of review by the appropriate agencies. 
      • Once all review agencies approve the permit, Permit Coordinator will initiate the Final Review process.
    4. Ready for Issue:
      • Once Final Review is complete, the Permit Coordinator will change the permit status to Ready for Issue.  Salesforce will send applicants an email notifying them that the permit is ready to be issued and that issuance fees are due.
      • Applicant must pay all issuance fees so the permit can be issued within 180 days from the “Ready for Issue” status date.
        • If an extension is needed, the applicant must send a formal letter to the Chief Building Official requesting it.

Pick Up Approved Permits

  • Intake staff will contact you when your permit is ready to pick up.
  • All applicable fees must be paid before your permit is issued.
  • Building Permits: the job site must have at all times:
    • Posted orange permit record (easily visible).
    • Stamped, approved set of blueprints (full color, 24" x 36").

Pass Inspections

Obtain Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Letter of Completion (LOC)

  • Once all final inspections have been passed, a CO or LOC will be issued.
  • This process can take two to four weeks.
  • The CO or LOC will be mailed once complete.