Priority Initiatives

Our Wildfire Mitigation Program aims to prepare for and reduce wildfire risk.

We focus on these priority areas:

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Enhanced Mapping and Risk Assessment

Advanced modelling capability allows for more focused planning and preparedness.

  • We use specialized software to help assess and plan for wildfire threat in and around Aspen's urban core, proximate interface, and surrounding wildland.
  • This tool helps identify high risk zones, critical infrastructure, and key wildfire elements.

See also: Building Codes, Free Risk Assessments

Infrastructure & Evacuation Routes

Infrastructure and Evacuation Routes

Aspen's infrastructure needs to be ready to support a wildfire emergency and evacuation.

  • We inventory and maintain evacuation routes and plan for new ones especially in high hazard areas and neighborhoods.
  • We develop and upgrade utility infrastructure and services including water and electricity.

Mitigation & Fuel Removal

Trail Head

Loss or damage from wildfire can be mitigated by removing fuel and creating defensible space.

  • Aspen Fire conducts risk assessments which offer tips on how to mitigate and prepare your property.
  • The City conducts wildfire mitigation and fuel removal projects in public grounds, open space, and right of ways.

See also: Building Codes, Free Risk Assessments

Education & Outreach

We want you to feel empowered on wildfire risk and knowledgeable about steps you can take.

  • We aim to communicate about wildfire risk and preparedness
  • We work with community members on planning and mitigation efforts

See also: Resource Toolkit