Next Steps

The first project awareness campaign (PDF) wrapped up in early February. Our next steps will focus on technical analysis to answer the many community questions that were posed this winter. It will include:

  • RFP - A request for proposals was posted in January for the next phase of the project. A consultant team, Jacobs Engineering, was selected mid-year in 2023 to provide the city with a report regarding the feasibility of replacement of the existing bridge in its current location, including a proposed schedule and cost for accelerated construction and three-lane bridge construction, in addition to other work to answer community questions that arose during a 70-day community awareness effort regarding the history of the Entrance to Aspen.
  • Communications - The City will be a resource for answering questions.
  • Consultant work - Jacobs Engineering by mid-2024 will provide additional information to the city regarding replacement or rehabilitation of the existing Castle Creek Bridge in its current location and information gathering regarding a new Environmental Impact Statement process.

If you have any questions feel free to email the project team at 

Castle Creek Bridge_Flyer