Waitlist for STR-C Permits

New STR-C permits are issued in limited quantities in certain “capped” zone districts. If the allotted permits for a new applicant’s zone district have already been issued, the application may be placed on a waitlist for an available STR-C permit. 

To be eligible for a position on the STR-C waitlist, applicants must apply for a new STR-C permitApplicants will be waitlisted by the date and time their compliant application was received. A nonrefundable permit fee of $394 must be paid to secure a position on the STR-C waitlist. Applicants will be notified of waitlist status after their application has been reviewed by City staff.

Should an STR-C permit become available, City staff will email the address associated with the permit application of the top position on the waitlist. The applicant will have 14 days to respond to the notification and confirm that they will accept the permit; failure to respond will result in removal of the applicant from the waitlist, and the available permit will be offered to the applicant in the next position on the waitlist.

Zones with STR-C Permit Caps

STR-C Permit Caps by Zone District
RR: 2 permitsR-15B:12 permitsMU: 39 permits
R-3: 1 permitR-30: 1 permitNC: 1 permit
R-6: 81 permitsR/MF: 190 permitsSCI: 2 permits
R-15: 47 permitsR/MFA: 12 permitsSKI: 2 permits
R-15A: 8 permitsAH: 9 permits

Note: There is no limit to the number of STR-C permits in these zone districts: Commercial (C-1), Commercial Core (CC), Lodge (L), Commercial Lodge (CL), Lodge Overlay (LP), Lodge Preservation Overlay (LO).

Use the STR Map (GIS) to determine which zone district a property falls within.

STR-C Permit Availability Summary

The STR-C Permit Availability Summary details quantities of STR-C permits issued, pending, and available in capped zone districts. Zones with zero or negative numbers of available STR-C permits may have waitlists. If a waitlist for STR-C permits exists for a zone district, it can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

STR-C Permit Waitlists by Zone District

To see the waitlist for STR-C permits in a certain zone district, click on the links below. If a zone is not listed below, there was no waitlist for the zone at the time of the last website update.

 DISCLAIMER: Waitlist files on this website do not update in real time and may not reflect the most current list of applications for a particular zone. Waitlists are for informational purposes only.