Maroon Creek Trail Project

Project Goal

Create a safe, year-round connection that serves as the preferred route between the Highway 82 roundabout and the Aspen Recreation Center. The new paved trail will follow Maroon Creek Road using the right-of-way.

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A consulting team that includes Otak (civil engineering), Connect One Design (landscape architecture), City of Aspen Engineering, City of Aspen Open Space and Trails, and City of Aspen Parks and Recreation has been assembled with a shared mission of creating a safe, year-round bike and pedestrian connection between the Highway 82 roundabout, Aspen Recreation Center (ARC) and Aspen Highlands.

Currently the connection between the roundabout and ARC is a mixture of trail, sidewalk, and roadway. While functional, the connection lacks clarity and does not provide a dependable, year-round snow-free route.

New trail features

  • Paved surface, maintained year round
  • 10’ width to accommodate a variety of users
  • Meets ADA accessible guidelines, including a maximum 5% grade where practical
  • Minimizes access crossing and ensures separation from Maroon Creek roadway where possible

Project Phasing                                                                                           

Phase 1 - November 2021-August 2022

  • Trail Layout Alternatives
  • Opinion of Probable Cost
  • Community Outreach

Phase 2 - September 2022-January 2023

  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents

Phase 3 - Summer 2023

  • Construction