Building Department Document and Resource Library

This page is intended to provide the applicant with links to many of the documents that are required to upload to a Building Permit Application in Salesforce. Additional building department resources and contact information for other review departments can be found toward the bottom of the page.

Building Permit Applications

One of the following applications must be uploaded with every electronic building permit application submission in Salesforce.

Supplemental Required Documents

In addition to one of the permit applications above, the following documents may be required to be uploaded with your building permit application submission in Salesforce. If you are unsure which documents are needed, take this quiz to estimate your submittal requirements. You can also contact a permit coordinator to help estimate your document requirements. 

APSP-15 Compliance Info SheetOwner Builder Affidavit
Abandon Service Agreement
Line Grade Verification Form
Asbestos Checklist RDS Exemption Application
Application for Photovoltaic (PV) InstallationRDS Application for Administrative Review
Building Checklist – IBCREMP Worksheet
Building Checklist - IRCRoof and Re-Roof Application Checklist
Contact SheetSmuggler Superfund Dirt Moving Application
Contractor AffidavitSpecial Inspection Agreement
CMP for Minor Projects (<1000sqf)
TCO Agreement
CMP for Medium Projects (1000 – 2000 sqf)
TCO Request Form
ECU Calculator for Residential Projects
Valuation Affidavit
ECU Calculator for Commercial Projects
WELS Pre-submission Checklist
Electric Load Form
Zoning Checklist for Residential Projects
Fireplace or Woodstove Registration
Zoning Checklist for Commercial Projects
HOA Compliance Form
Zoning Compliance Verification Policy
IFFR Agreement
Demolition Pre-Application
IFFR Permit Policy

Building Department Resources

The following resources are intended to assist applicants in preparing complete and compliant building permit application submissions.

Current Building Codes

Fee Schedules & Fee Estimator Tools

The fee estimator tools below are intended to aid building permit applicants in estimating the costs associated with obtaining a building permit. Accurate estimation of fees must take into account many factors specific to individual projects and can change as projects are modified during construction. Fees calculated using the tools online are rough estimates and are not to be considered final.

Building Permit FeesBuilding Permit Fee Estimator Tool
Electrical Permit FeesResidential Tap Fee Estimator Tool
Fire Permit Fees
Mechanical Permit Fees 
Parks Review Fees
Planning Review Fees
Plumbing Permit Fees
Utility Fee Information
Zoning Review Fees

Links to Other Departments

Depending upon the scope of work, any of the following departments may be triggered alongside the Building Department as review agencies for a building permit application.