Gorsuch Haus and Lift One Lodge

Lift 1 Corridor ProjectLift One Corridor Plan

The Lift 1 Corridor Project is a multi-stakeholder development proposal encompassing several parcels of land from the corner of S. Aspen Street and Dean Street to the current base of Lift 1A. The proposed redevelopment of the corridor will include the construction of a new telemix lift (a mix of chairs and gondola cabins), base area, and skier return located closer to downtown Aspen, adjacent to Dean Street.  The loading platform is proposed in the current location of the historic Lift 1 (which will be relocated on -site and rehabilitated), returning the base to its original location, where skiing began in Aspen in 1946.

To the east and adjacent to the new base will be the relocated and rehabilitated Skiers Chalet Lodge, which will contain skier services as well as a ski museum. To the west along S. Aspen Street will be the relocated and rehabilitated Skiers Chalet Steakhouse which is proposed to be a restaurant. Continuing further up the hill and flanking either side of the ski corridor will be the Lift One Lodge hotel and residences. At the termination of S. Aspen Street, adjacent to a cul-de-sac, will be the Gorsuch Haus hotel with the ski corridor to the east of the building. Most of the newly extended ski corridor will operate as a city park outside the ski season.

In March 2019, the citizens of Aspen approved this development proposal, which was referred to the voters by the city council. The project, divided into two applications, has been submitted to the city for final land use approvals. The Gorsuch Haus project will be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission.   Lift One Lodge will be reviewed by both the Planning and Zoning and Historic Preservation Commission for distinct aspects of the project.  

It is important to note that these reviews are about the final details of the two projects and their continued conformance with the approvals granted by voters in the March 2019 election.  The earlier approvals established and memorialized the site plan, mass, scale and uses allowed for both Gorsuch Haus and Lift One Lodge.  These upcoming reviews will evaluate the details of the projects, such as: materials and fenestration of the buildings, outdoor lighting, landscaping, and preservation of the on-site historic resources.

The following review schedule is anticipated:

  • October 15th – City of Aspen Open Space and Trails Board – recommendation to P&Z and HPC 
  • November 4th – Planning and Zoning Commission – Introduction to the corridor project (Public Hearing)
  • November 11th – Historic Preservation Commission – Lift One Lodge and Park (Public Hearing)
  • November 17th – Planning and Zoning Commission – Gorsuch Haus (Public Hearing)
  • December 1st – Planning and Zoning Commission – Lift One Lodge (Public Hearing)
  • December 9th – Historic Preservation Commission – Lift One Lodge and Park (Public Hearing)**
  • December 15th – Planning and Zoning Commission – Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus (Public Hearing)**

**If necessary 

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Lift One Lodge

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Gorsuch Haus

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