Building IQ

Building IQ header includes three building shapes

Why Building IQ?

To reach Aspen’s climate goal of zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, we must address emissions from buildings, which account for 57% of the community’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

In response, on April 12, 2022, Aspen City Council passed Building IQ through Ordinance No. 05. to address emissions from existing buildings. Building IQ is a significant opportunity to tackle GHG emissions from the built environment.

Building IQ addresses emissions from existing buildings through a phased, two-part program: benchmarking and building performance standards (BPS). Learn about each phase below.  

  1. Phase 1: Benchmarking
  2. Phase 2: Building Performance Standards (BPS)

What is benchmarking?

  • The process of building owners tracking their building’s energy and water use over time.  
  • Compares their building’s energy and water use to similar buildings, allowing owners and occupants to understand their building’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement.  
  • The following building sizes and types are covered by the Building IQ ordinance:

green table outlining information from the building IQ ordinance

How do I benchmark?


Benchmarking Reports

2023 Benchmarking Report (PDF)

2022 Benchmarking Report (PDF)