Galena & Main Improvements

Project Summary

In anticipation for winter conditions and to invest in important infrastructure, we will be working on upgrades to increase safety for pedestrians, enhance stormwater systems and update the bus stop at Main Street and Galena Street.

Key Features

  • Bus Stop Improvements
  • Replace Existing Sidewalk and Ramps to meet ADA Standards
  • Stormwater Improvements
  • Permeable Paver Installation
  • Curb and Gutter Improvements
  • Snowmelt
  • Painted Crosswalks

Additional Information

Work Activities:  demo of sidewalks, roadway, curb and gutter, trenching activities, sawcutting, utility work, masonry

Traffic Impacts & Detours: Pedestrian and business access will remain open.  It is expected that both westbound lanes will be open for the majority of the work, but there will be periodic right lane closures for construction access.  Trenching activities along the west side of Galena Street from Main Street to Hopkins Avenue will require periodic alternate routing.  Follow signage and flagger instructions.
Parking will be closed on the east half of the south side of Main Street between Mill and Galena.  In that section the curb, sidewalk, a bit of the roadway and part of the gas station lot will be under construction.  Please note that this project is occurring concurrently with the Castle Creek Bride/Hallam Street Improvement Project.

Bus Impacts: September 12 - October 31, the Galena and Main Street bus stop will be shifted one block east (Hunter and Galena) for continued service.

Contractor:  Excavation Services, Inc.

Cost & Funding:  $214K from Engineering Planned Projects/General Funds  

Galena and Main Fact Sheet (PDF)

Galena & Main Before Improvements

Galena & Main Bus Stop Now

Project Bulletin

10/31: On Thursday, November 1, RFTA will resume regular service of the Galena and Main Street bus stop at its updated stop on the southwest corner of the intersection (in front of the gas station). Thank you for your patience during this project. We are excited to complete these bus stop and pedestrian improvements.

10/11: Crews are making good progress on schedule. They have finished all of the trenching, installed conduit, replaced the light pole base and have begun concrete pours. Remaining activities include pours for the curb and gutter, sidewalks and ADA ramps, finishing snowmelt, placing the light pole and installing pavers.

9/20:  Work in the alley behind City Hall will start on Friday, September 21st and is expected to last 4 days.  The alley will be closed to through vehicle traffic, but open to pedestrian/bike traffic.  The alley will be fully open at night and during the weekend.  Crews will be trenching in the alley behind City Hall to tie into the transformer as a power source for snowmelt on the bus stop landing area.
City Hall Alley Closure Notice 

8/27:  Aspen City Council approved project with the snowmelt option for the bus stop landing area.  Construction to begin September 12 and continue through October 31.

8/16:  Aspen City Council to review project at August 27 regular council meeting

Site Map

galena main site area

Project Contact Information


Project Phone:  (970) 340-4334