Estimate Your Permit Cost

Accurate estimation of fees must take into account many factors specific to individual projects, and can change as projects are modified during construction. Please contact Building Support for assistance in estimating your fees. Fees calculated using the information online are rough estimates and are not to be considered final.

Staff do not recommend estimating fees on complex projects without assistance from a Permit Coordinator, since many project variables can affect fees.

Mitigation fees will be calculated during permit review and are not included in the Fee Estimator spreadsheet

Permit Fees Estimator Tools

Fee Schedules

The guide below provides the fee schedules for construction-related permits. You can use them to roughly estimate the fees associated with your project. During your pre-submittal and submittal meetings, staff will review fees with you again.

Permit Valuations

Many of your fees are based on the valuation of the proposed work. To learn about calculating permit valuations, please visit our additional things to know section: Permit Valuations.